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2021 Evergreen Angel

A photograph of the 2021 Evergreen Angel Jewelry Pendant Design in Sterling Silver
A photograph of the 2021 Evergreen Angel Jewelry Pendant Design in Sterling Silver with a white pearl next to a miniature version of the angel.

2021 "Joy"
Miniature Angel Charm

A photograph of the 2021 Evergreen Angel Jewelry Pendant Design in Sterling Silver with a white pearl.

2021 "Joy"
Gemstone Angel with a white pearl

2021 Evergreen Angel "Joy" Silver Pendant

We are proud to present the 2021 Evergreen Angel, Joy, representing art, nature, and the giving spirit that exists in us all.

This angel design is a tribute to a woman whose life exemplifies kindness and joy, a woman who donned her pearls with panache for both casual and special occasions. Our friend celebrated life and nature by sharing her own colorful artwork of the people and world around her, and through her love of gardening and the culinary arts.  She gave her time and talents to charities that support those with medical and financial needs while facing her own challenges with bravery, humility, and a positive outlook. 


This year's angel was sponsored by a lovely group of Evergreen women in honor of their dear friend, Sally Davidson-Marovich.

The angel design is based on artwork created by Teal Waibel of Pine, Colorado, and the collaborative sculpting of the final pendant by silversmith, Chapin Dimond of Louisville, Colorado. 

Teal's thoughts behind her design of the 2021 Angel:

“When Beth Riser, curator of the angels, asked if I would be interested in designing the 2021 Evergreen Angel, I felt honored. I knew that planning the pendant design came with significant weight. 


Having worked seasonally at the Evergreen gallery, I am familiar with the legacy of the Evergreen Angel collection and the many reasons people acquire them. The angels, for many, are symbols of healing, hope, and comfort.


Since a local group of local women sponsored this year’s angel in honor of their giving Evergreen friend who passed, it needed to reflect an individual known for her love of life, generosity … and style of wearing pearls. 


Furthermore, given the challenges of the pandemic, I wanted a design that acknowledged the different need for comfort and healing. We are all sorting through losses, from missing holidays with the ones we love, the inability to celebrate loved ones’ milestones, the lack of certainty, the death of loved ones and the list goes on.


This angel, bearing in mind our present situation, was created in a way that it could be thought upon as what is emotionally desired for the moment. The angel is suspended in air, which allows the bearer to determine the need of their narrative…of whether she is descending a gift to earth or ascending one to heaven.”

Teal Waibel

Photo of Teal Waibel, the designer of the 2021 Evergreen Angel.

Artist Bio

Teal Waibel is a Colorado-based visual artist working in sculpture and installation. She received a BA in Studio Art from Hastings College in 2013 and an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Rinehart School of Sculpture in 2015. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at the Amarillo Museum of Art and Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum and is included in the private collection of Lincoln Industries and Duncan Aviation. 

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