Introducing the 2020 Evergreen Angel ... Ophelia

2020 Ophelia IMG_FF_64615021.jpg
Mini Ophelia 2020 Angel.jpg

2020 "Ophelia"

Miniature Angel Charm


2020 "Ophelia"

Gemstone Angel with a Rhodolite Garnet

2020 Evergreen Angel "Ophelia" Silver Pendant

The angel name for 2020 is Ophelia, which means “help” or “helper.” May this special angel surround you with gratitude and love, and remind you of your own angels, or even yourself, that give assistance through the day.

This year's angel design concept is by artist, Chloe Riser of Evergreen, Colorado and the silversmith sculpting and casting is by Chapin Dimond of Louisville, Colorado.  

The chosen gemstone is a Rhodolite Garnet, with a beautiful pinkish-red hue.

Thank you for your patience on waiting for this year's angel... even the Evergreen Angel program had its fair share of challenges, but we are excited about Ophelia, and are looking forward to offering some angel surprises in 2021!