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Rosalie 2022

The 2022 Evergreen Angel was designed by Beth and Chloe Riser, a mother and daughter creative team. Colorado silversmith, Chapin Dimond, sculpted the angel from their drawing into the finished pendant. The uplifting design elements are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style of the 1920’s.
This angel’s name was inspired by Rosalie Peak, a 13,575-foot mountain next to Mount Evans, one of the stunning vistas within Evergreen.
The Rosalie angel is holding up rosettes in front of her wings. Roses are symbols of love, gratitude, giving, appreciation, caring and so much more. These elegant flowers anecdotally show up in stories about miracles and encounters with angels.
The gemstone version has a star ruby cabochon. Rubies hold many meanings, including being the July birthstone. They also signify strength and protection, since the ruby is the second hardest gemstone in the world, following the diamond.
We hope you find your own special meaning within this handmade angel above and beyond our design.
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